Journal Article Polarization spectroscopy of the ν3 band of CH3F-(ortho-H2)n clusters in solid para-H2 studied by high resolution quantum cascade laser spectroscopy


144p.184306 , 2016-05 , American Institute of Physics
In order to investigate the alignment of CH3F in para-H2 crystals, high resolution polarization spectroscopy of the 3 vibrational band is studied using a quantum cascade laser at 1040 cm-1. It is found that the main and satellite series of peaks in the 3 vibrational band of CH3F have the same polarization dependence. This result supports the previously proposed cluster model with ortho-H2 in first and second nearest neighbor sites. The observed polarization dependence function is well described by a simple six-axis void model, in which CH3F is not aligned along the c-axis of the crystal but tilted to 64.9(3)° from it.

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