Journal Article DMFT Study for Valence Fluctuations in the Extended Periodic Anderson Model

新崎, 龍  ,  Shinzaki, Ryu  ,  那須, 譲治  ,  Nasu, Joji  ,  古賀, 昌久  ,  Koga, Akihisa

We study valence fluctuations at finite temperatures in the extended periodic Anderson model, where the Coulomb interaction between conduction and localized $f$-electrons is taken into account, using dynamical mean-field theory combined with the continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo (CT-QMC) method. The valence transition with the hysteresis is clearly found, indicating the first-order phase transition between the Kondo and mixed-valence states. We demonstrate that spin correlation rapidly develops when the system approaches the valence transition point. The comparison of the impurity solvers, %: the CT-QMC, non-crossing approximation, and one-crossing approximation, is also addressed.

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