Journal Article Phase Diagram of the Kitaev-type Model on a Decorated Honeycomb Lattice in the Isolated Dimer Limit

那須, 譲治  ,  Nasu, Joji  ,  求, 幸年  ,  Motome, Yukitoshi

75pp.755 - 762 , 2015-12 , Elsevier B.V.
An effective model in the isolated dimer limit of the Kitaev-type model on a decorated honeycomb lattice is investigated at finite temperature. The ground state of this model is exactly shown to be a chiral spin liquid with spontaneous breaking of time reversal symmetry. We elaborate the finite-temperature phase diagram by using the mean-field approximation and Monte Carlo simulation. We find that the phase transition between the high-temperature paramagnetic phase and the low-temperature chiral spin liquid phase is always of second order in the Monte Carlo results, although a tricritical point appears in the mean-field phase diagram. The finite-size scaling analysis of the Monte Carlo data indicates that the phase transition belongs to the two-dimensional Ising universality class.

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