Journal Article Stated preference analysis for new public transport in a medium-sized asian city: A case study in Malang, Indonesia

坂東, 徹  ,  Bando, Tetsu  ,  福田, 大輔  ,  FUKUDA, DAISUKE

This study analyzes citizens' travel choice behavior in a medium-sized Southeast Asian city to observe their intention to use new public transport. We selected Malang in Indonesia as a case study. A travel behavior and intention survey including stated preference questions was conducted with university students. The results of the latent-class model of commute mode choices show that respondents could be divided into “cost and delay time” and “travel and access time” oriented classes. Respondents who were likely to convert to new public transport modes were male, had a higher income, and were interested in new public transport. The estimation results of the scheduling choices model confirm the significant difference in the sensitivity to recreation time between recreational activities.

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