Journal Article Exchange-Induced Spin Blockade in a Two-Electron Double Quantum Dot

今中, 大介  ,  Imanaka, Daisuke  ,  Sharmin, Sonia  ,  橋坂, 昌幸  ,  Hashisaka, Masayuki  ,  村木, 康二  ,  Muraki, Koji  ,  藤澤, 利正  ,  Fujisawa, Toshimasa

115p.176802 , 2015-10 , APS physics
We have experimentally identified the exchange-induced spin blockade in a GaAs double quantum dot. The transport is suppressed only when the eigenstates are well-defined singlet and triplet states, and thus sensitive to dynamic nuclear-spin polarization that causes singlet-triplet mixing. This gives rise to unusual current spectra, such as a sharp current dip and an asymmetric current profile near the triplet resonance of a double quantum dot. Numerical simulations suggest that the current dip is a signature of identical nuclear-spin polarization in the two dots, which is attractive for coherent spin manipulations in a material with nuclear spins.

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