Journal Article An edge magnetoplasmon Mach-Zehnder interferometer

檜山, 直晃  ,  Hiyama, Naoaki  ,  橋坂, 昌幸  ,  Hashisaka, Masayuki  ,  藤澤, 利正  ,  Fujisawa, Toshimasa

107p.143101 , 2015-10 , AIP publishing
We report an edge-magnetoplasmon (EMP) Mach-Zehnder (MZ) interferometer in a quantum Hall system. The MZ interferometer, which is based on the interference of two EMP beams traveling inchiral one-dimensional edge channels, is constructed by tailoring edge channels with functional devices such as splitters and delay lines. We measured 1 GHz EMP beams transmitted through the interferometer while tuning the phase evolution along two interference paths using tunable delaylines. Clear interference patterns as a function of the phase difference ensure the MZ interference. Moreover, the MZ interferometry is applied to evaluate the EMP transport through an attenuator interposed in one of the paths. This technique will be useful for investigating the functionalities of devices in plasmonics.

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