Journal Article 鋼製下地在来工法天井における野縁方向水平剛性評価法

元結, 正次郎  ,  MOTOYUI, SHOJIRO

79 ( No. 703 )  , p.1395 , 2016-09 , Architectural Institute of Japan , 日本建築学会
Static loading tests for the typical unit of ceiling with steel furring subjected to horizontal force are executed to examine the initial horizontal stiffness of the ceiling in which diagonal members are added. As the experimental results, it is found that a joint metal part called hanger have the great influence on the horizontal stiffness of the ceiling. Then, tests of the hanger connection are executed. The results show that the connection with a hanger leads to the different stiffness since contact points between the hanger and the channel member change depending on direction of loading. By investigating stress condition of hanger by the numerical analysis, the simple mechanical model is suggested for the hanger connection. The theoretical formulas were found for horizontal stiffness of a hanging bolt including the effect of hanger connection for the present mechanical model. Finally, the validity of the present formulas is shown through the comparison of the experimental results and theoretical results for some ceiling test specimen.

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