Journal Article Dehydrogenation of anhydrous methanol at room temperature by o-aminophenol-based photocatalysts

脇坂, 聖憲  ,  Wakizaka, Masanori

Dehydrogenation of anhydrous methanol is of great importance, given its ubiquityas an intermediate for the production of a large number of industrial chemicals. Sincedehydrogenation of methanol is an endothermic reaction, heterogeneous or homogeneousprecious-metal-based catalysts and high temperatures are usually required for this reactionto proceed. Here we report the photochemical dehydrogenation of anhydrous methanol atroom temperature catalysed by o-aminophenol (apH2), o-aminophenolate (apH) and thenon-precious metal complex trans-[FeII(apH)2(MeOH)2]. Under excitation at 289±10nmand in the absence of additional photosensitizers, these photocatalysts generate hydrogenand formaldehyde from anhydrous methanol with external quantum yields of 2.9±0.15%,3.7±0.19% and 4.8±0.24%, respectively, which are the highest values reported so far to thebest of our knowledge. Mechanistic investigations reveal that the photo-induced formation ofhydrogen radicals triggers the reaction.

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