Journal Article 冷間圧延による{111}<112> 銅単結晶の方位変化のSEM/EBSD解析

鯵坂, 祐介  ,  Ajisaka, Yuusuke  ,  宮嶋, 陽司  ,  Miyajima, Yoji  ,  尾中, 晋  ,  ONAKA, SUSUMU

Orientation changes of a Cu single crystal with an initial orientation of {111}<112> caused by cold-rolling were analyzed using electron back-scatter diffraction patterns obtained by scanning electron microscopy. The orientation changes were understood as the rotation around TD and the formation of band-like structures parallel to RD was observed after the cold-rolling. Multiple-slip systems of the {111}<112> single crystal operated by the cold-rolling were discussed. Orientation changes after the cold-rolling were explained reasonably by the operations of two different multiple-slip systems. High-angle grain boundaries were formed between the band-like structures in the single crystals rolled to 30% and 50% reduction. Striped patterns observed on the TD plane in the region where one of the multiple slip systems operated were also discussed. The striped patterns were explained by small-angle tilt boundaries consisting of arrays of edge dislocations on the slip planes.

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