Conference Paper CFRP: A Functional Reactive Programming Language for Small-Scale Embedded Systems

鈴木, 康平  ,  Kohei, Suzuki  ,  永山, 奏人  ,  Nagayama, Kanato  ,  澤田, 賢祐  ,  Sawada, Kensuke  ,  渡部, 卓雄  ,  Watanabe, Takuo

pp.1 - 13 , 2017-12 , World Scientific
Functional reactive programming (FRP) is a programming paradigm for reactive systems based on functional abstractions to express time-varying values and events. In this paper, we show that FRP is beneficial for developing software for small-scale embedded systems. For this purpose, we designed and implemented CFRP, a strongly-typed, purely functional language that provides reactive programming facilities. Although its design follows the tradition of previous signal-based FRP languages, our compiler can generate standalone C++ code that can be deployed effectively on resource-constrained microcontrollers. Through an example, we show that CFRP supports a declarative, modular and clean manner of developing small-scale embedded systems.

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