Conference Paper OMetaのための衛生的マクロ定義機構導入方式

星野, 友宏  ,  Hoshino, Tomohiro  ,  高桑, 健太郎  ,  Takakuwa, Kentaro  ,  渡部, 卓雄  ,  Watanabe, Takuo

Programming languages with macro definition mechanisms often need special treatment for parsing macros. If a macro introduces a new syntax to a language, an extended parser is needed to recognize a code written using the macro. Also, the language might use some specific mechanisms such as pattern matching to define macros. In this paper, we propose a method of introducing hygienic macro definition mechanisms into languages defined in OMeta, an object-oriented language with PEG-based general-purpose pattern matching. Using the proposed method, extended parsers for macro definition are automatically generated from the specifications of macro definition mechanisms.

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