Journal Article Cooperative enhancement of deoxyribozymeactivity by chemical modification and addedcationic copolymer

齋藤, 健  ,  Saito, Ken  ,  嶋田, 直彦  ,  Shimada, Naohiko  ,  丸山, 厚  ,  MARUYAMA, ATSUSHI

Deoxyribozymes (DNAzymes) having RNA-cleaving activity have widely been explored as tools fortherapeutic and diagnostic purposes. Both the chemical cleaving step and the turnover step shouldbe improved for enhancing overall activity of DNAzymes. We have shown that cationic copolymerenhanced DNAzyme activity by increasing turnover efficacy. In this paper, effects of the copolymeron DNAzymes modified with locked nucleic acids (LNA) or 2′-O-methylated (2′-OMe) nucleic acidswere studied. The copolymer increased activity of these chemically modified DNAzymes. More than30-fold enhancement in multiple-turnover catalytic activity was observed with 2′-OMe-modifiedDNAzyme in the presence of the copolymer. DNAzyme catalytic activity was successfully enhancedby cooperation of the added copolymer and chemical modification of DNAzyme.

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