Journal Article Chemical Modification of a [2]Rotaxane Composed of Dithiacrown Ether and Dialkylammonium with Organic and Inorganic Compounds

長井, 啓之  ,  Nagai, Hiroyuki  ,  須崎, 裕司  ,  Suzaki, Yuji  ,  小坂田, 耕太郎  ,  OSAKADA, KOHTARO

45 ( No. 7 )  , pp.834 - 836 , 2016-04 , Chemical Society of Japan
The complexation of Pd with dithia[24]crown-8-ether (DTC) and decomplexation by PPh3 addition led to reversible shuttling of the [2]rotaxane, which is composed of DTC and dialkylammonium whose shuttling behavior is different from that induced by N-acetylation of the ammonium moiety of the axle component causing irreversible structural change.

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