Journal Article セル画調の人物顔の肌色判断への顔形状の影響

韓, 惠軫  ,  Han, Hyejin  ,  内川, 惠二  ,  UCHIKAWA, KEIJI

Color reproduction for animation has become important, because digital coloring systems were developed from 2000s. Skin colors, based on memory color, are preferred for color photography. Moreover, it was clarified that the ranges of skin color tolerance were smaller than other objects on TV. The small range for skin color tolerance was a basis of effective technology for good color reproductions. Because expressions of skin color in animation are difficult, the study of skin color in animation is needed. In this study, the relationship between skin color judgment and face shape in cell-animation images was researched. As a result, bright colors were selected as skin colors in cell-animation images. Ranges of preferred skin color according to facial shapes were smaller than a circular stimulus. Therefore, it means that there are differences among facial shapes. In addition, the skin color judgment was not related to facial shapes as the result of color matching. However, all stimuli with the color, similar to preferred skin color, showed stable skin color judgment. Scrambled faces, inverted faces and face features showed skin inaccuracy of color judgment. It shows that skin color judgment have relevance to face perception.

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