Journal Article Equivalent-input-disturbance approach to active structural control for seismically excited buildings

宮本, 皓  ,  Miyamoto, Kou  ,  余, 錦華  ,  She, Jinhua  ,  佐藤, 大樹  ,  Sato, Daiki

125pp.392 - 399 , 2016-10
A new method of active structural control, which suppresses vibrations in civil structures due to seismicshocks, has been developed. It is based on the equivalent-input-disturbance (EID) approach, which estimatesthe effect of a seismic shock and produces an equivalent control signal on the control input channelto compensate for it. A system designed by this method can be viewed as a conventional state-feedbackcontrol system with an EID estimator plugged in. Unlike conventional control systems, this one has twodegrees of freedom, which yields better control performance. Simulations on a model of a ten-degree-offreedombuilding demonstrated the validity of the method. In addition, the effect of the parameters of thelow-pass filter in the EID estimator on the vibration suppression performance was examined. A comparisonrevealed that this method is superior to a linear-quadratic regulator and sliding-mode control.

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