Journal Article ヘキサロータの動的可操作性に基づく切替位置・姿勢制御

安田, 真大  ,  Yasuda, Masahiro  ,  伊吹, 竜也  ,  Ibuki, Tatsuya  ,  鈴木, 洋史  ,  Suzuki, Hiroshi  ,  三平, 満司  ,  SAMPEI, MITSUJI

52 ( No. 9 )  , pp.507 - 515 , 2016-09 , 計測自動制御学会
This paper proposes a novel pose (position and attitude) control law for hexrotors composed of six rotors. Since hexrotors have the potential to control full 6 degrees of freedom, we can apply two major kinds of control methods to them. One is a linear control scheme for a linearly approximated hexrotor model, which can make a hexrotor tilt when it moves in the horizontal direction. The other is a feedback linearization method which enables us to control 6 degrees of freedom of it individually. For these methods, the former can often be suitable for large translational movement and the latter to control the pose precisely. However, there exists no research on combination of both controllers. In view of this fact, this paper proposes a novel continuous switching control method using a weighting function. Here, the weighting function is built by dynamic manipulability based on given hexrotor structure. Concretely speaking, the two kinds of controllers continuously switch based on the relation between dynamic manipulability and pose errors for desired values. Furthermore, we give stability analysis and demonstrate the validity of the present method via simulation.

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