Conference Paper Effect of the radial electric field on the plasma flow through a magnetic channel with magnetized electrons and non-magnetized ions

武田, 遵  ,  Takeda, Jun  ,  根津, 篤  ,  Nezu, Atsushi  ,  赤塚, 洋  ,  AKATSUKA, HIROSHI

2016-06 , Institute of Space and Plasma Sciences, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
To examine effect of the electric field applied radially on the azimuthal electronmotion under E×B field for plasmas with magnetized electrons and non-magnetized ions, anexperimental study is conducted by stationary arc-jet plasma flow. Argon plasma flow iscontinuously generated by a DC arc generator under atmospheric pressure followed by anexpansion into a rarefied gas-wind tunnel with a longitude uniform magnetic field ~ 0.16 T.1)Inside of one of the hollow magnets, we set a ring electrode to apply radial electric field, andexamined the azimuthal motion of electrons due to E×B drift. To analyze azimuthal motionof electrons, we applied an up-down probe, where one of the tips is also used as a Langmuirprobe to determine electron temperature, density and the space potential. We found that theorder of the radial electric field is about several hundred V/m, which should be caused by thedifference in the degree of magnetization between electrons and ions. Electron saturationcurrent indicates the existence of the E×B rotation of electrons, whose order is about 2000 –4000 m/s and consistent with the absolute values of the measured electric field and of theapplied magnetic field.

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