Journal Article Contactless electrical conductivity measurement of metallic submicron-grain material: Application to the study of aluminum with severe plastic deformation

美藤, 正樹  ,  Mito, M.  ,  寺田, 大将  ,  Terada, Daisuke  ,  宮嶋, 陽司  ,  Miyajima, Yoji  ,  辻, 伸泰  ,  Tsuji, Nobuhiro

87 ( Number 5 ) 2016-05 , AIP publishing
We measured the electrical conductivity σ of aluminum specimen consisting of submicron-grains by observing the AC magnetic susceptibility resulting from the eddy current. By using a commercial platform for magnetic measurement, contactless measurement of the relative electrical conductivity σ n of a nonmagnetic metal is possible over a wide temperature (T) range. By referring to σ at room temperature, obtained by the four-terminal method, σ n(T) was transformed into σ(T). This approach is useful for cylinder specimens, in which the estimation of the radius and/or volume is difficult. An experiment in which aluminum underwent accumulative roll bonding, which is a severe plastic deformation process, validated this method of evaluating σ as a function of the fraction of high-angle grain boundaries.

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