Conference Paper A Study on Productization and Servitization of Machine Tool Trading Company in Service System Science Perspective

合田, 和彦  ,  Goda, Kazuhiko

The purpose of this thesis is (a) to develop reference frameworks for machine tool trading (MTT) companies from service systems science perspective and (b) to propose some unified servitization and productization strategies for them to become the crucial players contributing to Japanese manufacturing revival, based on the frameworks and the author’s business experiences. Main contributions are as follows. 1. To realize integral skills by modular customizing production technologies for revitalizing Japanese manufacturing, an MTT company can play a role as an essential platform where such production technologies are emergent. 2. We develop a value co-creation process model and a value orchestration platform model of an MTT and then derive specific prescriptions from them.3. An MTT should play a role of a facilitator as the orchestrator to promote co-elevation phase, and also take responsibility for co-development phase by coordinating people and their products, services and activities on the platform. 4. Hierarchical Model of Service Ecosystems Innovation is useful to identify the MTT’s position and ways to go in a comprehensive manner.

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