Conference Paper Low temperature analysis of charge transport and contact resistance in high performance organic transistors

Cho, Joung-Min  ,  Cho, Joung-Min

This thesis covers experiments and analysis of variable temperature characteristics of organic transistors. Transistors are fabricated in the form of thin films, as-grown single crystals, and single crystalline films and measured at low temperatures in order to investigate the charge transport and contact resistance. In thin-film transistors based on n-channel molecules, the trap density of states is determined and the influence on transistor characteristics is systematically analyzed by simulation. In single-crystal transistors based on p-channel semiconductors, excellent transistor performance is achieved showing mobility over 10 cm^2/Vs, and band-like transport down to 20 K. The effect of discrete trap levels on a transfer curve is examined by an analytical method, and the contact resistance is studied by the gated four-probe measurement.

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