Journal Article Uniform Cell Distribution Achieved by Using Cell Deformation in a Micropillar Array

神永, 真帆  ,  Kaminaga, Maho  ,  石田, 忠  ,  Ishida, Tadashi  ,  門之園, 哲哉  ,  Kadonosono, Tetsuya  ,  近藤, 科江  ,  Kizaka-Kondoh, Shinae  ,  小俣, 透  ,  OMATA, TORU

6 ( No. 11 )  , pp.409 - 422 , 2015-04 , MDPI
The uniform dispersion of cells in a microchamber is important to reproduce results in cellular research. However, achieving this is difficult owing to the laminar flow caused by the small dimensions of such a chamber. In this study, we propose a technique to achieve a uniform distribution of cells using a micropillar array inside a microchamber. The cells deform when they pass through a gap between the micropillars. The deformation causes a repetitive clog-and-release process of cells at the gaps between the micropillars. The micropillar array generates random flow inside the microchamber, resulting in the uniform distribution of the cells via cell accumulation. In the experiment, the distribution of cells in the microchamber with the micropillar array is uniform from end to end, whereas that in the microchamber without the micropillar array is centered. The deviation of the cell distribution from the ideally uniform distribution in the microchamber with the micropillar array is suppressed by 63% compared with that in the microchamber without the micropillar array. The doubling time of the cells passed through the micropillar array did not change relative to that of normal N87 cells. This technique will be helpful for reproducing results in cellular research at the micro scale or for those using microfluidic devices.

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