Conference Paper An ultra-low-power RF-impulse transmitter with robustness to supply-voltage variation

小原, 崇義  ,  Obara, Takayoshi  ,  石川, 洋介  ,  Ishikawa, Yosuke  ,  池田, 翔  ,  Ikeda, Sho  ,  伊藤, 浩之  ,  Ito, Hiroyuki  ,  石原, 昇  ,  Ishihara, Noboru  ,  益, 一哉  ,  Masu, Kazuya

This paper proposes an ultra-low-power RF-impulse transmitter for sensor networks. One of the conventional and low-power methods to generate impulse signals is to filter pulse signals, and moreover our transmitter system can exclude regulators for improving energy efficiency of the system. The challenge is that impulse frequency can be varied by supply voltage fluctua-tion and can deviate from target frequency band. We show the technique to achieve robustness to supply-voltage variation. The prototype transmitter has achieved wireless communication of 0.6m under power consumption of 30μW.

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