Journal Article Impact of built-in potential across LaFeO<sub>3</sub>/SrTiO<sub>3</sub> heterojunctions on photocatalytic activity

中村, 研太郎  ,  Nakamura, Kentarou  ,  増子, 尚徳  ,  Mashiko, Hisanori  ,  吉松, 公平  ,  Yoshimatsu, Kohei  ,  大友, 明  ,  Ohtomo, Akira

108p.211605 , 2016-05 , API Publishing
Polar-nonpolar interfaces between insulating LaFeO3 (LFO) and semiconducting SrTiO3 (STO) were investigated to elucidate effects of built-in potential on photocarrier dynamics during water oxidation reactions. The LFO films were grown on the TiO2- and SrO-terminated (001) Nb-doped STO substrates by using pulsed-laser deposition. The photocurrent-voltage curves varied depending on the interface termination. Potential profiles across the interface were established from these curves as well as capacitance-voltage curves. The presence of a depletion (accumulation) region near the SrO- (TiO2-) terminated interface facilitates (suppresses) the extraction of photocarriers generated in STO. On the other hand, the difference in the built-in potential in LFO barely reflects the magnitude of the photocurrent. .

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