Journal Article 水蒸気噴流を用いた非接触凝固・止血法

吉木, 均  ,  Yoshiki, Hitoshi  ,  只野, 耕太郎  ,  TADANO, KOTARO  ,  伴, 大輔  ,  Ban, Daisuke  ,  大内, 克洋  ,  Oouchi, Katsuhiro  ,  田邉, 稔  ,  Tanabe, Minoru  ,  川嶋, 健嗣  ,  Kawashima, Kenji

18 ( No. 1 )  , pp.39 - 47 , 2016-04 , Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery , 一般社団法人 日本コンピュータ外科学会
Introduction: We propose a new contactless coagulation method for a surgical energy device. Steam jet performs instantaneous wide-ranging coagulation and cauterization at without carbonization of biological tissue.Materials & Methods: The feasibility of proposed method was evaluated with prototyped steam jet coagulator. In-vivo experimental simulations of laparoscopy were conducted using porcine.Results: Coagulation and cauterization was successfully performed on the wound at a porcine spleen in 15.3 seconds on average with the exposure to the steam jet. In addition, we confirmed its availability on a surgical robot.Conclusion: Feasibility of proposed method was confirmed through the experiments. Improved quality of steam, controllability of heat affected zone, avoidance of visibility obstructions and pathological study of steam coagulation effect are required for further development.

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