Journal Article Production of Rhenium by Transmuting Tungsten Metal in Fast Reactors with Moderator

横山, 次男  ,  YOKOYAMA, TSUGIO  ,  田上, 友基  ,  Tanoue, Yuki  ,  寺島, 敦仁  ,  Terashima, Atsunori  ,  小澤, 正基  ,  Ozawa, Masaki

10 ( Number 3 )  , pp.159 - 165 , 2016-03 , David Publishing Company
ISSN:ISSN 1934-8975 (Print)ISSN 1934-8983 (Online)
The feasibility of rhenium (Re) production by irradiating tungsten (W) metal in a medium size fast reactor was evaluated by using a Monte Carlo code. The fast reactor can produce about 50 kilograms of Re per every 3 years, which corresponds 10% of Japanese domestic production. The specific activity of Re can be reduced below the exemption level or even the natural Re level if W and osmium is separated after the irradiation. The use of ZrD1.7 moderator reduces the specific activity by half compared to that of ZrH1.7 case, and even the no moderator case is permissible to produce the production of Re which has lower specific reactivity than that of natural Re.

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