Journal Article Recent advances in Twisted Intramolecular Charge Transfer (TICT) fluorescence and related phenomena in materials chemistry

佐々木, 俊輔  ,  Sasaki, Shunsuke  ,  小西, 玄一  ,  Konishi, Gen-ichi

4 ( No. 14 ) 2016-02 , RSC , 英国王立化学会
Twisted intramolecular charge transfer (TICT) is an electron transfer process that occurs upon photoexcitation in molecules that usually consist of a donor and acceptor part linked by a single bond. Following intramolecular twisting, the TICT state returns to the ground state either through red-shifted emission or by nonradiative relaxation. The emission properties are potentially environment-dependent, which makes TICT-based fluorophores ideal sensors for solvents, (micro)viscosity, and chemical species. Recently, several TICT-based materials have been discovered to become fluorescent upon aggregation. Furthermore, various recent studies in organic optoelectronics, non-linear optics and solar energy conversions utilised the concept of TICT to modulate the electronic-state mixing and coupling on charge transfer states. This review presents a compact overview of the latest developments in TICT research, from a materials chemistry point of view.

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