Journal Article 3D touchable holographic light-field display

山口, 雅浩  ,  Yamaguchi, Masahiro  ,  東田, 諒  ,  Higashida, Ryo

55 ( No. 3 ) 2016-01
We propose a new type of 3D user interface: interaction with a light field reproduced by a 3D display. The 3D display used in this work reproduces a 3D light field, and a real image can be reproduced in midair between the display and the user. When using a finger to touch the real image, the light field from the display will scatter. Then, the 3D touch sensing is realized by detecting the scattered light by a color camera. In the experiment, the light-field display is constructed with a holographic screen and a projector; thus, a preliminary implementation of a 3D touch is demonstrated.

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