Journal Article 日本の留学生教育の質保証とシステムの課題―ベトナム人留学生の特徴と送出し・受入れ要因の分析から―

佐藤, 由利子  ,  Sato, Yuriko  ,  堀江, 学

(No. 20)  , pp.93 - 104 , 2015-12 , Japan Association for International Student Education , 留学生教育学会
The purpose of this study is to analyze the characteristics and push and pull factors of the rapidly increasing Vietnamese students in Japan and to discuss the emerging issues. As a result of the analysis, the students from Vietnam have a tendency to have less support from their families and to do more part time jobs than the students from other countries. The percentage of those who study in special training colleges amounts to 53% among the Vietnamese students in higher educational institutions in Japan.In the background of these phenomena, there are issues of quality assurance of education of the Japanese language educational institutions, connection to university education and recruit and selection of students overseas. It is necessary to take measures to tackle these issues in order to recruit well qualified students and to maintain the reputation of study in Japan.
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