Journal Article イベントによる海岸の利活用に関する研究 - 千葉県沿岸市町村を事例として-

前河, 一華  ,  Maekawa, Ichika  ,  十代田, 朗  ,  SOSHIRODA, AKIRA  ,  津々見, 崇  ,  TSUTSUMI, TAKASHI

50 ( No. 3 )  , pp.1137 - 1144 , 2015-10
This study focuses on events held in the coast in Chiba Prefecture in attempt to clarify characteristics of those events and clarify relationships between those and characteristics of municipalities. The results are as follows: (1) Events held in the coast are highly diversified in terms of contents but also the places they held on. (2) The number of those events are on the increase and being equalized in a year. (3) Events held by municipalities tend not to actively utilize the characters of the sea. (4) Each municipality can be classified under 5 clusters, according to the contents and the purpose and the place of events. (5) It is necessary for events that actively utilize the characters of the sea to have a central facility rather than to have many worthwhile resources. Without facilities, the consistency of events and municipalities' principles is important for utilizing the characters of the sea.

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