Conference Paper High Open Circuit Voltage Pure Sulfide CuInGaS2 Submodule

廣井, 誉  ,  Hiroi, Homare

2015-09 , WIP
Previously, 14.0% efficiency on pure-sulfide CuInGaS2 single cell was reported by Solar Frontier K.K.[1]. Regarding open circuit voltage, 960 mV was achieved. In this work, we tried the development of the puresulfide CuInGaS2 submodule via monolithic structure. For the fabrication, vacuum-based processes were used for a deposition of a Mo back electrode and a metal precursor. The pure-sulfide CuInGaS2 absorber layer was formed by a high-temperature annealing with sulfur containing gas. Then CdS buffer layer, intrinsic ZnO and InSnO window layers were deposited by chemical bath deposition and vacuum-based process, respectively. A monolithically integrated structure with seven series connections was introduced by laser and mechanical patterning. As a result, the efficiency of 13.2 % and the open-circuit voltage of 850mV on pure-sulfide CuInGaS2 thin-film submodule with anti-reflection coating has been achieved. It seems to be the first module of high performance pure-sulfide CuInGaS2 over 13.0% efficiency without KCN-etching treatment in the world.

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