Journal Article Facile and Chemically Pure Preparation of YVO4:Eu3+ Colloid with Novel Nanostructure via Laser Ablation in Water

Wang, Haohao  ,  Haohao, Wang  ,  小田原, 修  ,  ODAWARA, OSAMU  ,  和田, 裕之  ,  Wada, Hiroyuki

A YVO4:Eu3+ colloid with an interesting nanostructure was formed by pulsed laser ablation in deionized water without any additives or surfactants. Analyses of particle morphology, composition and optical properties were accomplished by SEM, TEM, EDS PL and UV-vis. Ovoid-like particles formed by the agglomeration of numerous nanocrystals were observed by SEM and TEM, while EDS with area-mode analysis revealed that the content of dopant ion was well retained within the nanoparticles. In addition, the formation mechanism is deduced and discussed for the first time in this research. The findings of this study could provide new insights into the understanding of laser-induced oxide materials and offer an opportunity for other research groups to pursue red emitting nanophosphors with outstandingly purity.

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