Journal Article Rh-catalyzed Intramolecular C–H Bond Activation with Triazoles. Preparation of Stereo-defined Pyrrolidines and Other Related Cyclic Compounds

妹尾, 麻慧  ,  senoo, masato  ,  古川, 礼奈  ,  Furukawa, Ayana  ,  秦, 猛志  ,  Hata, Takeshi  ,  占部, 弘和  ,  URABE, HIROKAZU

22 ( No. 3 )  , pp.890 - 895 , 2016-01 , Wiley
On treatment of triazoles having an N-sulfonyl-protected benzylamine moiety with [Rh2(C7H15CO2)4], intramolecular C−H bond insertion takes place at the benzylic position to give cis-N-sulfonyl-2-aryl-3-[(sulfonylimino)methyl]pyrrolidines in good yields and with highly stereoselectivities. Analogously, the similar treatment of triazoles having an ether or even an alkyl moiety affords 2-alkyl- or 2-aryl-3-[(sulfonylimino)methyl]tetrahydrofurans or a 2-alkyl-3-[(sulfonylimino)methyl]cyclopentane in good yields.

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