Thesis or Dissertation Description-Based Composition Methods of Mashup Applications for Cooperation of Mobile Devices

プルサシャイニムミット, コラウィット  ,  Prutsachainimmit, Korawit

Mashup application composition methods have been proposed for quick development of new mobile applications from existing resources. The existing methods have succeeded in developing data-flow mashup applications for single devices. They have limited capability to deal with event-driven and multiple-device mashup composition. A full treatment of data-flow and event-driven mashup composition that utilizes cooperation of mobile devices is not yet achieved. This thesis presents a new methodology for developing data-flow and event-driven mashup applications for single and multiple devices. Our hybrid composition method allows integration of mobile applications and REST Web services in a data-flow and event-driven manner. We propose a device cooperation model that allows mashup applications to take advantages of data sharing among multiple mobile devices. Description-based techniques and application generator tools are applied to reduce development cost. A mashup development system is implemented in Android mobile platform as a first experimental platform. The evaluation results show that our method is expressive and efficient in composing typical mobile mashup applications for single and multiple devices.

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