Conference Paper Normalizing Abstractions of Middleware-Based Software to Compose Highly-Integrated Robotic Systems

セロンロペス, アルトゥーロエドゥアルド  ,  CeronLopez, ArturoEduardo

The use of robotics middleware platforms has become a widely-accepted practice in the development of software for service robots. However, this platform-driven approach produces a discrepancy of abstractions across platforms, hindering the composition and usage of highly-integrated systems. We identified that to compose such systems, it is necessary to switch to a model-driven approach that can normalize the abstractions from the existing platforms at runtime, improving the usability in the administration of the composed system. In this thesis, we propose a framework that sets the paradigm of “Roles” to define a novel way of creating and reasoning a system model by normalizing abstractions of middleware-based software, producing a platform-agnostic model of a robotic system. Additionally, the concepts of the framework were used to conceptualize a systematization method for resource requests in highly-integrated systems, and implemented as an IDE. We verified and validated the functionality of the implemented framework concepts through proofs of concept, and tested the usability (by benchmarking) through case-studies with subjects using real and simulated service robots. The results showed improved usability, and demonstrated overall advantage of using our model-driven approach.

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