Journal Article 東京における一室空間住宅モデルの形状と温熱環境の関係性

藤原, 紀沙  ,  Fujiwara, Kisa  ,  小野, 裕子  ,  Ono, Yuko  ,  村田, 涼  ,  murata, ryo  ,  湯淺, 和博  ,  YUASA, KAZUHIRO  ,  安田, 幸一  ,  Yasuda, Koichi

81 ( no. 720 )  , pp.315 - 322 , 2016-02 , ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE OF JAPAN , 日本建築学会
This study aimed to clarify the relationship between the form of continuous spaces and the thermal environment in warm urban areas by examining the room temperature change by the difference in outlines, partitions, and the insulation performance of the internal space as well as inÀuence on air conditioning load, simulating continuous spaces. The present study has demonstrated the relationship between the room form and the indoor thermal environment on continuous spaces in warm urban areas.

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