Conference Paper バイオインターフェースの医療応用

近藤, 科江  ,  Kizaka-Kondoh, Shinae

30 ( No. 4 ) 2016-02 , The Surface Science Society of Japan
As a cutting-edge of the "Bio-interface" which can recognize various bio-environments and induce the dynamic response, three researches have been achieved for the medical application based on the functions of the biomembrane. The first is the "bio-imaging" of the HIF-1 activation region at low oxygen state by using the molecular probe conjugating an oxygen-dependent degradation (ODD) domain, a part of HIF-1α protein, with a protein transduction domain (PTD). The second is the polymer carrier for "smart DDS" that can recognize the domestic function and environment in the biosystem and can induce its conformational change for the nucleic acid delivery with low toxicity and high efficiency. The third is "immobilized liposome membrane" for artificial kidney (ILM-AK) which can recognize/adsorb the structurally-abnormal proteins and release them by utilizing various potential functions of model biomembrane (liposome).

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