Conference Paper 1-1-2 石炭・バイオマス溶剤改質物の熱分解・ガス化特性(Session 1-1 熱分解)

藤墳, 大裕  ,  Fujitsuka, Hiroyasu  ,  蘆田, 隆一  ,  Ashida, Ryuichi  ,  三浦, 孝一  ,  Miura, Kouichi

(No. 24) 2015-06 , 一般社団法人日本エネルギー学会
Low rank coals including an Australian coal, Loy Yang, and biomass wastes were treated in solvents at 350℃. The solvent treatment deoxygenates the raw materials to produce upgraded solid products (abbreviated to STC or STB) containing 74 to 78 % C (d.a.f.) and hence having over 30 MJ value. In this work pyrolysis and gasification characteristics of STC/STB were examined by using the temperature programmed reaction (TPR) technique using TGA with detailed gas analysis. Pyrolysis of STC/STB was found to effective to obtain low oxygen content products. Gasification of STC/STB was effective to enhance the gasification rate of Soluble fraction constituting STC/STB.

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