Journal Article Numerical investigation of co-firing of palm kernel shell into pulverized coal combustion

AZIZ, MUHAMMAD  ,  Aziz, Muhammad  ,  小田, 拓也  ,  Oda, Takuya

Co-firing of palm kernel shell (PKS) into 7 MW existing pulverized-coal boiler has been modeled and analyzed using the computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Co-firing of coal and PKS is a complex chemical reaction involving both gas and solid phases with turbulence effect along the combustor. In numerical simulation, two-steps global reaction mechanisms for homogeneous (volatile matter) and heterogeneous (char) combustion, turbulence and radiation heat transfer are considered. Moreover, five different mass fractions of PKS to coal are observed: 0 (fully coal), 10, 15, 25 and 50 %, respectively. In this study, the analysis is focused on the comparative prediction related to the distribution of temperature, velocity and produced gases of CO2, CO, SO2. As the result, higher PKS mass fraction leads to a favorable combustion in terms of combustion temperature and produced gases exhausted from the combustor.

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