Conference Paper マグネティックバーチャルチャネルの形成

高橋, 龍太朗  ,  takahashi, ryuutaro  ,  大島, 修造  ,  OSHIMA, SHUZO  ,  因幡, 和晃  ,  Inaba, Kazuaki  ,  高橋, 航圭  ,  Takahashi, Kosuke

Nonmagnetic fluid can be levitated if a very strong magnetic field is applied by a super-conducting magnet. This study suggests noncontact magnetic virtual channel (MVC) in the casting process of nonconductive materials such as glasses to enable the continuous casting in high quality. In this study, we model the MVC by using a magnetic fluid in a weak magnetic field. A rectangular coil is assumed as a source of the magnetic power. The magnetic field distribution of the rectangular coil was calculated and the distribution of the magnetic force is obtained. To confirm whether a liquid column is stable or not, stability analysis is carried out about a liquid film held by magnetic power. As a result, stability is confirmed and further analysis about the floating position and the cross sectional shape of the floating liquid is done. An experiment to let a nonmagnetic fluid float in magnetic fluid was conducted. Tests were done with distilled water and silicone oil and both liquids can be levitated. Observation suggests that the shape of the floating liquids vary according to the boundary tension. Therefore, this accords with the analysis results qualitatively.
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