Conference Paper Experimental Verification of TSBC-Based Electrical Drives when the Motor Frequency is Passing Through, or Equal to, the Supply Frequency

川村, 弥  ,  Kawamura, Wataru  ,  千葉, 雄斗  ,  Chiba, Yuto  ,  萩原, 誠  ,  Hagiwara, Makoto  ,  赤木, 泰文  ,  Akagi, Hirofumi

pp.5490 - 5497 , 2015-09
This paper provides a theoretical and experimental discussion on an adjustable-speed motor drive using a modular multilevel cascade converter based on triple-star bridge cells (MMCC-TSBC) when the motor frequency is close and equal to the supply frequency. The TSBC is one of the most suitable candidates for medium-voltage, high-power motor drives with regenerative braking. However, it suffers from capacitor-voltage fluctuations that become larger as the motor frequency gets closer to the supply frequency. This paper presents a practical solution to overcome it with acceptable circulating currents. This solution makes it possible to achieve an adjustable-speed drive of a line-started motor loaded at the rated torque. Experimental waveforms show good start-up performance from a standstill to the rated speed, keeping each cluster current within an acceptable level.

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