Journal Article Perpendicular coercivity enhancement of CoPt/TiN films by nitrogen incorporation during deposition

安, 紅雨  ,  An, Hongyu  ,  WANG, JIAN  ,  春本, 高志  ,  HARUMOTO, Takashi  ,  三宮, 工  ,  Sannomiya, Takumi  ,  村石, 信二  ,  Muraishi, Shinji  ,  中村, 吉男  ,  NAKAMURA, YOSHIO  ,  史, 蹟  ,  Shi, Ji

118p.203907 , 2015-11 , AIP Publishing LLC
The effect of N incorporation on the structure and magnetic properties of CoPt thin filmsdeposited on glass substrates with TiN seed layers has been investigated. During the deposition of CoPt, introducing 20% N2 into Ar atmosphere promotes the (001) texture and enhances the perpendicular coercivity of CoPt film compared with the filmdeposited in pure Ar and post-annealed under the same conditions. From the in situx-ray diffraction results, it is confirmed that N incorporation expands the lattice parameter of CoPt, which favors the epitaxialgrowth of CoPt on TiN. During the post-annealing process, N releases from CoPt film and promotes the L10 ordering transformation of CoPt.

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