Journal Article Fabricaion of nano-scale Ca-α-SiAlON:Eu2+ phosphor by laser ablation in water

Wang, Haohao  ,  Haohao, Wang  ,  富谷, 統一郎  ,  Tomiya, Touichirou  ,  小田原, 修  ,  ODAWARA, OSAMU  ,  和田, 裕之  ,  Wada, Hiroyuki

8 ( Number 11 )  , p.115001 , 2015-10
In this research, nanoscale Ca-α-SiAlON:Eu2+ phosphor is formed by pulsed laser ablation (1.27 J/pulse cm2) in deionized water. Analyses of particle size and composition are accomplished by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), respectively. High-resolution TEM (HR-TEM) shows that the nanoparticles are highly crystalline and EDS confirms their composition. The emission spectrum of the nanoscale Ca-α-SiAlON:Eu2+ shows an obvious blue shift compared with that shown by the target, possibly resulting from changes in the crystal field around Eu2+ caused by the enhancement of surface effects due to the nanoscale size.
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