Journal Article Study on the mechanism of laser forming to the thin stainless-steel wire

田中, 智久  ,  TANAKA, TOMOHISA  ,  大石, 真也  ,  Oishi, Shinya  ,  朱, 疆  ,  ZHU, JIANG  ,  齋藤, 義夫  ,  SAITO, YOSHIO

11 ( No. 3/4 )  , pp.219 - 236 , 2015-11 , Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
Laser forming is a non-contact machining technique for metallicmaterials that has mainly been used for bending thin metal sheets. Becausenon-contact machining does not exhibit spring-back, laser forming can be usedfor high-precision bending. In this study, we tried to use laser forming forfabricating small, thin wire parts. The effects of laser irradiation parameterssuch as pulse width, peak power, and oscillation frequency, were carefullyexamined. The irradiated wires were pre-processed and thereafter subjected tosectional SEM-based structural analysis. From the analysis, we confirmed thatwire bending is induced by an intra-wire temperature gradient. In addition, wepropose a multi-irradiation technique for enhancing the stability of bending andobtaining large bending angles. The effect of this technique was alsoinvestigated by sectional and heat conduction analyses.

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