Journal Article Correlation of triboluminescence and contact stresses in ZnS:Mn/polymeric matrix composite

リーラチャオ, シリチャイ  ,  Leerachao, Sirichai  ,  村石, 信二  ,  Muraishi, Shinji  ,  三宮, 工  ,  Sannomiya, Takumi  ,  史, 蹟  ,  Shi, Ji  ,  中村, 吉男  ,  NAKAMURA, YOSHIO

(No. 170)  , pp.24 - 29 , 2015-10 , Elsevier
A relationship between sliding-induced light emission of ZnS:Mn dispersed inpolymer matrixand sliding stress determined by using contact mechanics is investigated. In addition to normal loads,themagnitude of exerting stress is also controlled by frictional force and mechanical properties of thecomposite so that its linear proportion to the applied force is an imprudent assumption. Emission spectrasuggest that manganese-associated energy levels are not influenced by deformation. Not only is theemission probability increased but also the stiffness of the composite is enhanced by higher volumefraction of the phosphors. In accordance with contactmechanics, the quantitative results show that a total emission intensity increases non-linearly with contacting stress. Based on the observations, anempirical relationship might be expressed in the form of an exponential function of a square of theexerting stress.

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