Conference Paper Development of the Multi-dimensional Robot Attitude Scale: Constructs of People's Attitudes towards Domestic Robots

二ノ宮, 拓洋  ,  Ninomiya, Takumi  ,  藤田, 瑛仁  ,  Fujita, Akihito  ,  鈴木, 大輔  ,  Suzuki, Daisuke  ,  梅室, 博行  ,  UMEMURO, HIROYUKI

9388pp.482 - 491 , 2015-10 , Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg
This study investigated dimensions that construct people’s attitudes toward domestic robots, and developed a comprehensive measurement by which to assess such dimensions. Potential elements of attitudes were extracted from participants’ free descriptions and interviews, as well as a literature review. A questionnaire-based investigation was conducted using these elements, and a 12-factor structure was extracted employing factor analysis. A measurement called the Multi-dimensional Robot Attitude Scale was proposed to assess attitudes towards robots based on 12 dimensions. The internal reliability and representativeness of the proposed scale were verified. The Multi-dimensional Robot Attitude Scale proposed in this study is designed to comprehensively assess attitudes towards domestic robots, allowing for a multifaceted understanding of people’s attitudes.

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