Conference Paper イオン枯渇効果を利用したバイオナノ粒子の分離・濃縮の検討

山本, 貴富喜  ,  Yamamoto, Takatoki  ,  茂木, 克雄  ,  Mogi, Katsuo  ,  本田, 文江  ,  Honda, Ayae  ,  林田, 圭  ,  Hayashida, Kei

Separation and condensation of biomolecule and bio-nanoparticles are the fundamental operations for various analyses and reactions. Here, we proposed and experimentally demonstrated a microfluidic device to separate and concentrate biomolecule and bio-nanoparticles using ion depletion zone as a barrier, and we evaluated the electric field strength and flow rate dependency on the ion depletion zone. As a result, the ion depletion zone was strongly depended on the applied field strength and flow rate by samples. The result suggest that it is required the optimization for samples, however there is a possibility to separate a target from a crude of real sample.

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