Conference Paper The Challenges and Scope of Creating and Editing an Interactive Electronic Book

BHATTACHARYA, MADHUMITA  ,  Bhattacharya, Madhumita  ,  COOMBS, STEVEN  ,  Coombs, Steven

2015-10 , E-Learn 2015 Proceedings, AACE
Editing or publishing a book in interactive electronic format is challenging and requires careful decision-making, long term planning and a commitment to be successful. What does one need to do to edit, author and publish an ebook successfully? In this workshop the facilitators will share their experiences of editing and publishing an ebook. The facilitators will show examples of an interactive ebook and discuss how such ebooks are different from print books or passive ebooks. Also, we will explore why one might be interested in e-authoring and publishing such an ebook. The facilitators will provide tips and strategies for identifying the needed topics and issues for publication in their fields.

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