Conference Paper New Paradigm Solutions for Implementing Higher Education Reforms towards a Flexible Global Knowledge Exchange

BHATTACHARYA, MADHUMITA  ,  Bhattacharya, Madhumita  ,  COOMBS, STEVEN  ,  Coombs, Steven  ,  西原, 明法  ,  NISHIHARA, AKINORI  ,  中山, 実  ,  NAKAYAMA, MINORU

pp.957 - 958 , 2015-09 , Japan Society for Educational Technology (JSET) , 日本教育工学会
This paper describes the need for reforms in higher education from a global perspective with particular reference to the higher education system in Japan. The main focus of the paper is about the curriculumdevelopment of a set of new courses for engineering students at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. This will prepare them for seamless transition into the newly reformed curriculum that will be implemented from April 2016. This study also considers the necessity for appropriate faculty development programs that need to operate in conjunction with preparing the students for the upcoming reforms. The authors introduce and overview innovative approaches towards course design for active learning and preparing students for life long learning. This educational policy is in tune with the changing educational paradigm and needs of the emerging global agenda for sustainable development goals as proffered by UNESCO.

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