Journal Article Dynamic scalp topography reveals neural signs just before performance errors

大良, 宏樹  ,  Ora, Hiroki  ,  三宅, 美博  ,  Miyake, Yoshihiro

5 ( No. 12503 )  , pp.1 - 7 , 2015-08
Performance errors may cause serious consequences. It has been reported that ongoing activityof the frontal control regions across trials associates with the occurrence of performance errors.However, neural mechanisms that cause performance errors remain largely unknown. In this study,we hypothesized that some neural functions required for correct outcomes are lacking just beforeperformance errors, and to determine this lack of neural function we applied a spatiotemporalanalysis to high-density electroencephalogram signals recorded during a visual discrimination task,a d2 test of attention. To our knowledge, this is the first report of a difference in the temporaldevelopment of scalp ERP between trials with error, and correct outcomes as seen by topographyduring the d2 test of attention. We observed differences in the signal potential in the frontal regionand then the occipital region between reaction times matched with correct and error outcomes. Ourobservations suggest that lapses of top-down signals from frontal control regions cause performanceerrors just after the lapses.
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