Journal Article 変動風圧による免震装置の疲労損傷に対する設計・維持管理計画の枠組み構築に向けた基礎的検討

西嶋, 一欽  ,  NISHIJIMA, Kazuyoshi  ,  佐藤, 大樹  ,  Sato, Daiki

This study presents a framework for optimization of the design and maintenance planning of seismic isolators and dampers, which are subjected to wind-induced fatigues. It first presents two basic ideas for optimizing the design and maintenance planning. Then, it presents a general procedure for identifying optimal maintenance planning of seismic isolators and/or dampers. In doing so, the lacking knowledge and models required in the procedure are pointed out. Formats for those lacking models are presented along with an example, where change of the probability of failure of a structure is computed as a function of the damage degree caused by a typhoon event. Through the example it is demonstrated that models of the presented formats facilitates the analysis of the reliability of structures with damaged dampers. The study results advance the design and maintenance of isolators and dampers as well as ways for collecting data on them in experiments.

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